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DAY ZERO - Kick Off

DAY ZERO - Preparations

After 2 months I was back on the rally bike today. The test track was extremely destroyed because yesterday all Kamaz trucks and Audis were already on the track. Because of this, it had deep grooves, huge stones and a lot of dust.

Nevertheless, I had to drive a few kilometers to see if everything was okay. I felt a bit uncomfortable because it was really extremely dangerous, but on the whole it was okay 👍

I haven't changed anything on the bike because everything was still set up like it was in Morocco.

What shocked me a bit here is that the Saudis are 😃 the locals drive on the streets from right to left without blinking and there is no right-hand drive here either. So everyone drives where they feel like it! Accordingly, a few accidents have happened in the past on this stage, so I really have to be careful.

After the shakedown I went straight to lunch and then to my physio Bart Nelissen, who will continue to treat my right hand for the next few days.

Tomorrow we will go to paper and technical acceptance 👍


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