PayPal.Me - Sponsoring für Jederman!

The Reason:

I sadly lost two main sponsors due to COVID! 50,000 Euros in sponsorship money evaporated.

Withdrawal or postponement till 2023 is no option any longer. Too much money has already been invested in preparations, road book training, registration fees ( Morocco & Dakar ), the service team and more.

The Solution!

MANY PEOPLE with little effort can achieve the same goal! A BIKER community and a common project.

In the UK they collected 12,000 pounds within 2 months - 830 bikers and friends pooled!

I would be happy to tackle the Dakar 2022 for YOU & the German Offroad Sport and also to finish there!

I'll be lining up at the start for the DAKAR 2022, racing for all of you & giving my very best!


One for all & ALL for ONE !



In order to show the achievements of exceptional German bikers, to bring the myth and the efforts of the Dakar a little closer and to build up a little motivation for donations, I have also provided a few videos for interested people.

Sportler Promotion Video von DAKAR 2022 (  ADAC Pfalz Siegerehrung 2022 )


Video which provides some impressions of the Dakar, specially for " Outsiders "

SüdwestRundfunk 21 Jan 2022
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Video with my german Moto Legends and Idols, which  who have achieved extraordinary successes with a lot of commitment and persistance!


Video welches für " Outsider " ein paar Eindrücke über die Dakar vermittelt !


Geschichte Dakar, meien Trainingsativitäten und Info's um als Leihe der Dakar etwas näher zu kommen.