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TAG 2 - Etappe 2

Etappe 2

Today I started the stage with mixed feelings .. P72 overall is already gnawing at my ego :(. But the rally is still young and the invoice written on the last day!

Long and very cold day today. At 4 o'clock I got up! Shortly before 5 o'clock we started the roadstage in icy temperatures. The 200km on the road to the stage this morning were amazing, I don't know if I've ever been so frozen.

The stage actually went pretty well. I found a good rhythm right from the start. Unfortunately, I had to overtake some riders today, about 20 of them, because I started far behind because of my messed day yesterday that costed me quite some time and nerves. At about 280 km it got very deep in the dunes and I started to sweat extremely. My glasses got wet from the inside and I could hardly see anything ... that was the reason that I didn't see a camelgras hump, which took me over the handlebars, right in front of Sebastian Loeb , who just could avoid me. Fortunately, my airbag was triggered and did best what he is supposed to do! Otherwise this fall may not have ended so lightly. Still .. a few bruises will be my company till the end of the Dakar 👍

800 kilometers today .. everything hurts me 😅 and tomorrow we will carry on. At least the marathon stage was canceled because the flooded paddock there.

Short selfi with Mohammed Al Balooshi - a UAE motorsport legend and RED BULL Athlete

Mohammed and myself were running almost identical time all over the day, which makes me a little proud of my performance.


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