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Scruteeniering Passed !

Today the bike acceptance and the paperwork was done! Everything for the best and the team was happy to group in front of the " Dakar Wall ".

Alfi Cox, Bradley Cox, Mike, Bart V.D. Velden, Wiljan Wikselaar, Mason Klein, Larry Klein, Walter Terblanche, Mathieu Liebaert

The equipment (bike, airbag vest, helmet, ...) is also carefully inspected for compliance with the rules!

Check of helmet - passed with no issues found!

Questions?? .. . a happy MIKE just " ONE DAY " to Dakar :)

The bike got through the check without any complaints, of course - great work by Team "BAS DAKAR" mechanics!

Everything OK with the bike - "Scruteeniering Passed"!

So ... I did it ... let's go :)


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