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New Project - "MALLE MOTO "

The " Original by Motul" - "MALLE MOTO " with a few words!

· A Man - A Bike - A Malle - A Tent!

· No Service Crew! No Support!

· 14 Days - 10.000 Race kilometers!

· Everage 3 hours sleep per night!

In a little more detailed it sounds like this: The name MALLE MOTO refers to the fact that the riders only have one BOX ( MALLE ) available to take their tools or personal belongings with them! The Original by Motul category refers to motorcycles and quads that compete without any assistance. A rider who is accompanied by someone as an assistant or media during the race is not eligible to compete in this category. A special competition rule applies to participants in this category.

After an average of 7 - 12 hours on the bike and about 450 kilometers of racing a day, it might finally be time to relax a bit, if the bike doesn't require immediate repaired anyhow! We know from experience that most MALLE MOTO riders often only reach the finish line very late or even after midnight and then have to start servicing the bike immediatly. Often hardly any time to eat or to relax or to take care of a little "hygiene" ... this is often done beforehand in the desert to save time for the bike service! Washing anyhow is pure luxury for these participants!

Due to lack of time, the participants are constantly struggling over 2 weeks with ...

  • Little or poor preparation for the next day

  • Lack of maintenance on the motorcycle

  • Little sleep and mentally too, of course...

  • · with the fear that one of these points will knock them out of the race the very next day :(

Actually the dream of every biker - great sky, outdoors & spending time with like-minded people / competitors

" ORIGINAL by MOTUL " is the offizial name of the categorie

The Malle MOTO category is supported by MOTUL, which, in addition to its products, also provides the following services to each individual driver:

  • Daily transportation of all listed parts in MOTUL TRUCK from BIVOAK to BIVOAK

  • 1 tool box - 80x45x30cm (80 liters)

  • 1 motorcycle stand

  • 1 service mat - environmental protection

  • 1 motorcycle cover

  • 1 "2-second sleeping tent" (for 2 people)

  • 1 camping mattress

  • 1 sleeping bag 5°

  • 1 survival blanket

  • 1 100 liter travel bag

  • 1 waterproof backpack (25 liters)

  • 1 hygiene set

  • 1 head lamp

Late in the evening and under the open sky, the MALLE MOTO riders first have to service the bikes

" Hope dies last " and sometimes there is even a little sleep in the "LUXURY" hostel :)


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