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MOTORRAD Magazin - passed the last rehearsal

Rally RAID insiders know, that Morocco always is the last real test for the upcoming Dakar. All factory riders / drivers, whether on bikes, cars, quads, trucks or side by side use the rally for final tests and finetuning of the vehicles!

For the "ROOKIES" (newbies), however, it often is a final milestone in order to meet the requirements of the A.S.O. in Paris and to secure a starting place for the following DAKAR!

The A.S.O. Incidentally, also is the organizer of the most famous bike tour - the "TOUR DE FRANCE".

The MOTORRAD MAGAZIN has been accompanying me in this project for quite some time and posts regular updates for interested motor sports enthusiasts and bikers. Attached the last report for download.

MRD_2021_25 SPORT_Marokko-Rallye mit M. Wiedemann
Download PDF • 1.19MB

Rallye Marocco with " Team BAS DAKAR " manager Bart Van d.e. Velden

My BIB # 91, assigned by the A.S.O. is ready and waiting to be attached to the bike and then driven across the Saudi Arabian island and this year also through the relentless "RUB AL KHALI" - the toughest rally desert in the world ... " RELENTLESS" this I was told!

The BIB is ready - I will be ready too!


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