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Die DAKAR 2022 is on it's way ...

The Dakar convoy is slowly on its way & a large number of the vehicles have been delivered to the port of Marseilles, from where they are shipped to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)! In order to understand the myth of DAKAR a little bit, you have to think about the following figures - this is unique in the world and definitely not just a slightly bigger desert adventure just for weirdos and freaks!


  • 1065 Competitors !!!

  • 209 Rookies ( 1st time starters )

  • 130 drivers who participated several times before

  • 34 riders who with " NO HELP & SUPPORT " will race the rallye ( bikes only )

  • 149 Bikes

  • 21Quads

  • 97 Cars

  • 58 Trucks

  • 105 SIDE by SIDE Buggies

  • 128 CLASSIC Dakar Cars

  • 20 Classic Dakar Trucks

List of participants & vehicles

European vehicles which are shipped from Marseille - many others are still delivered directly to Jeddah!

The A.S.O. and their own helicopter fleet is of course indispensable - some more are provided by the military in Saudi Arabia!


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