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Day 1 - 800km Road Stage and 19km prologue

A very emotional moment


Finally we started today for a 800km road stage and 19km prologue. The rider with the highest starting number started first. I started with number 91 somewhere in midfield. The prologue was very quick at first and then got a bit more technical. The ground was 90% deep sand.

Unfortunately, I had a couple of slow riders in front of me that I had to pass, but that didn't cost me too much time! After KM 5, Danilo Petrucci caught up with me, who started with number #90 directly behind me. Petrucci is a Moto GP (road racer) and won the Mugello GP with Ducati 2 years ago! I tried to stay with him, but his pace was too fast for me. I drove very smoothly and didn't risk anything, maybe I was a bit too slow at times, but the Dakar is only just starting and I need a few days to find my rhythm. I'm not satisfied with 55th place overall today, but I'm already in the front third and 14 days are long

This afternoon on the stage it became colder and colder and currently it's even raining in the paddock. For tomorrow they announced 15 ° C max. only, so it will be very cold in the morning!

From tomorrow onwards we'll be start based on the result from the day before

Don't miss out today at 8 p.m. : Weber Werke YouTube channel and at 9 p.m. on Eurosport highlights from the 1st stage!

Neben mir am Start Danilo Petrucci - MOTO GP Legende ... ein wahnsinns guter Fahrer auch auf dem Rallye Bike!


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