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Danilo Petrucci racing the Dakar with BIB#90 - Mike Wiedemann BIB#91

The MOTORRAD MAGAZIN calls it ... A SHARP TURN in his recent report for the Dakar !

MRD_2022_01 SPORT_MotoGP goes Dakar
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Danilo Petrucci had good instructors with Heinz Kinigardner and the factory riders during tests in the dunes of the Emirates

With this starting order, the hunt on Danilo & Barreda is probably immediate on :) :) :) :)

The MOTORRAD MAGAZIN calls it a .. TURN ... this start at the Dakar is called it the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!lled it the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!led it the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!ed it the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!d it the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report! it the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!it the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!t the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report! the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!the MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!he MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!e MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report! MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!MOTORRAD MAGAZIN report!OTORRAD MAGAZIN report!TORRAD MAGAZIN report!ORRAD MAGAZIN report!RRAD MAGAZIN report!RAD MAGAZIN report!AD MAGAZIN report!D MAGAZIN report! MAGAZIN report!MAGAZIN report!AGAZIN report!GAZIN report!AZIN report!ZIN report!IN report!N report! report!report!eport!port!ort!rt!t!bia directly behind the world-famous MOTO GP rider Danilo Petrucci and one of the fastest riders during the recent years - Joan Barreda Bort. Danilo is new to the rally RAID business, but like many other MOTO GP drivers, he can regularly be found on Moto Cross tracks in Italy. One or the other of you have certainly been "blown away" by riders like Andrea Dovizioso or Marcel Schröter during training in Italy! ... yes - they are pretty good in MX too ! I'm really looking forward to meet Danilo. Maybe our speed fits well together and spend a few hours in the dunes of Saudi Arabia next to each otherT


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