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Coordination Training - like the PRO's :)

Any kind of trainig is a challenge and chance to improve - no matter what it is and what you do!

For me a new method to be prepared for EVERYTHING !

I am not a professional and far from the training opportunities that professionals and most of my opponents have at their disposal. Bradly Cox - ZA (son of Dakar legend Alfi Cox) and Mason Klein - USA live more or less close in an area that comes very close to the real Dakar envirement. This applies to both the landscape and the time possibilitiues for training.

Here in Germany we hardly have opportunities to actually train off-road and the available MX tracks are not only very far to go there, but also hardly offer the opportunity to simulate a kind of Dakar training. My preparations for the Dakar will therefore mainly focus on the Morocco Rally, where I will do another road book training and real rider training with the rally bike a week before the rallye. This will also be a good break-in for the Morocco Rally.

As you can see in the video, I try my very best to copy the special training methods of the factory drivers a little - if it helps them, maybe me too - at least it will not hurt :)


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