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Another trial with a Gofundme Video

Another attempt to reach the German biker community via Gofundme and trying to imitate the exemplary willingness to donate and stand behind their athlets :)

  • 100 mails to German MX / Enduro Clubs ==> not a single response ??

  • 120 mails to German MEGA companies ==> 12 rejections & the rest no replies ??

  • 120 suggestions with a possible bike design ==> not even a single " beautifully made" as response ??

  • BUT !! ... The biggest donations from GIBRALTAR & DUBAI! Where are my friends in Germany?

Slowly it looks like there's really No Biker Community or Sports Supporters in Germany at all. Sponsorship seems available for " tiring football millionaires " , " X-Promies " or " influencers " who really let their pants down in TV Shows like "JUNGLE CAMPs" or similar! A "thumbs up" on Facebook, where hundreds of MX jumps or model pics are commented every week is probably easier & cheaper than supporting a German Dakar Rooky ? BUT ... it lets me learn & gain some more experience for my life :)

This is what a donation campaign in UK looks like for a Dakar participant after 3 months ...

470 SUPPORTERS ==> 10.911 Pfund !!


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