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A Challenge for those who go.
A dream for those who stay behind.
                           Thierry Sabine


The DAKAR has many faces!

Long stages, extreme sporting challenges, dangers, but also sensational landscapes, cultures and lifelong friendships.
Many people ask why so many athletes have made this event the highest goal of their careers since it was first held in 1979.
I know now and became a different person!
Now there's a new challenge!
... to become a " MALLE MOTO " finisher !


At my 4th birthday I was presented a Yamaha PW50, which only a few weeks later painfully taught me how hard motorsport can be - a painful fracture of the femur. It was a major setback, but after the recovery things went quickly on again! Hard work, training and starts at national races were the basis that I was able to win my first championship title at the age of 19.

Participation in a wide variety of off-road events over the past few years have steadily improved my riding style, my experience and my physical condition. You grow with your tasks! I learned a lot and also developed personally at Enduro events of the German Championship, several "ISDE SIXDAYS", the German "CROSS COUNTRY Championship" and various extreme races such as the "Erzberg Rodeo" or the beach race in Le Touquet / France.

For 3 years I prepared myself intensively in rallies such as the Panafrica, Hispania & Morocco Rally, as well as special training in Spain and intensive physical workouts for my greatest goal - participation in the RALLY DAKAR!
The highlight was of course the start at the DAKAR 2022, which I was able to finish successfully with P 48 and 5th place in the junior ranking.​

After the successful start as the youngest German Dakar finisher in 2022, the next challenge now is on. To finish the Dakar in the highest possible class - the "MALLE MOTO" ! In this category I will even become the youngest ever starter and surely will try to reach the finish as required in this class  ... without any service and "out of the box"!

As always ... I'm ready ! Support me to get this done!

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